Windows XP Shortcut Keys

Common Windows Shortcut Keys

CTRL+A Select All 

CTRL+C Copy 

CTRL+O Open 

CTRL+P Print 

CTRL+S Save 

CTRL+V Paste 


CTRL+Z Undo 

F1 Display contextual Help window. 

SHIFT+F1 Activate context-sensitive Help mode (What's This?). 

SHIFT+F10 Display pop-up menu.  (Or use "MENU" button.) 

SPACEBAR Select (same as mouse button 1 click). 

ESC Cancel 

ALT Activate or inactivate menu bar mode (then press letter for that item). 

ALT+TAB Display next primary window (or application). 

ALT+ESC Display next window. 

ALT+SPACEBAR Display pop-up menu for the window. 

ALT+ENTER Display property sheet for current selection. 

ALT+F4 Close active window. 

ALT+F6 Switch to next window within application (between modeless secondary windows and their primary window). 

ALT+PRINT SCREEN Capture active window image to the Clipboard. 

PRINT SCREEN Capture desktop image to the Clipboard. 

CTRL+ESC Access Start button in taskbar. 

CTRL+ALT+DEL Brings up "Close Program" Window. 

The Windows (WIN) Key Common Shortcuts

WIN key only Display Start button menu. 

WIN+F1 Bring up main Windows Help file. 

WIN+TAB Activate next application window. 

WIN+E Explore My Computer. 

WIN+F Find a file. 

WIN+M Minimize All. 

SHIFT+WIN+M Undo Minimize All. 

WIN+R Display Run dialog box.

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